Glen Robinson

Music and video by Robinsong

Music and video






I am an artist.  I live in Vancouver, Canada.

The music I create can best be described as soundscapes.  Often atmospheric and ambient, but sometimes more than that.  They are usually visual in conception though, so they are conducive to being employed with visuals in film and video.  If you are in film school, or you are a filmmaker, you can download tracks at Soundcloud.  I only ask that if they are used in their entirety, or partially, even in a new work of your own, that you do so with attribution.



  Wyndham Island by Robinsong

  Idylwilde by Robinsong

  Ikantoru by Robinsong

  Industrial Action by Robinsong

  Adrift by Robinsong

  Night Drop by Robinsong


Ambience by Robinsong